Monday, June 6, 2011


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Do You Know What Grinds My Gears?

   In today's world you honestly have no idea what the hell each corner you take has to bring.  Seriously, you have no clue.  With all the whack jobs out there you never can predict whats going to happen.  People are so concerned with the world ending now that have lost of whats important in life. Then again you find those out there who are having so much fun with life that us "down lookers" put down those who seem to be out of there mind because they stand beside the crowd as oppose to being your typical cookie cutter mind.
"We Come in Peace!!"
  What I am really getting at is about this house that I saw about 4 months ago in Cincinnati.  It was probably the craziest house that I have ever seen before, it defiantly did not fit the cookie cutter if you know what I mean.  It caught my eye right away, a silver, round house that overlooks the Ohio River in a more ritzy neighborhood that strange enough looks like it came right out of Area 51 itself.  I only wish I could've gotten a picture of the old man and woman walking into the house.  They still were holding hands and seem to be truly happy even though they were in there early 90's and probably have been married just as long.  They didn't dress weird and drove a Toyota Camry, which blew my mind.  The perception I saw when I just had the appearance of the house in my mind was completely different than what reality really was.  Theis was just a happy old couples place where the were going to spend the rest of there days just as happy if not happier than those living in your typical ranch home or bi-level, which were the styles of choice in the neighborhood where I saw these abstract house.
   In close the old saying stands, "never judge a book by its cover".  If it wasn't for me seeing that old couple I would still have this skewed view of how those to people really were.

Who Knows What Happens Next?

   Time and time again we find ourselves in love or infatuated with the other sex (same if that's how you swing, no hating going on here), only to find ourselves at each others throats bickering and bitching about that dumbest stuff.  Always pointing fingers but forgetting the 3 pointing back at yourself, never stopping to think what is it that you could've done better and worked harder.  If love exist it will always work out but the stupid crap we always put ourselves through is ridiculous.  I find myself doing that, calling off all ties with the woman you "love", and I use that word lightly, to 6 hrs later going back telling her that you guys can just start over.

  It honestly doesn't matter, it'll take a lot more to get me to truly settle down but for now this "love" I'm in will due, and I hope that everyone else can also find a little bit of this false hope like I have.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Toast to old friends...

   After High School graduation, friends always make pacts that they will never lose each other.  High school sweet hearts , jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, and the cool kids all believe that nothing will ever change after graduation.  Its to bad I could'nt be prepared for what was really in store for me and my friends. 
   Yesterday I had a chance to reunite with a partial of the old crew, 5 years after our graduation we came together to celebrate our siblings step into adult hood.  It was a great scene seeing them, seeing how they have all changed, all the trials and tribulations the we have all overcome, and that same were still stuck in.  From rehab and jail to just simple everyday living we all had grown and matured in different ways.  Even the one I atleast expected to be doing good now has a kick ass 2 yr old son and a beautiful wife.  Everything changes after graduation.
  That night we all got together, 5 of the original 11, and we partied just like it was 2006 again, almost as if none of us has skipped a beat even though for most of us we haven't seen each other for 3+ years.  We reminisced about sports we played, the girls we fucked and the drugs we did.  Some of us grew out of that some just feel in a down ward spiral but, none of us seemed to care about our mess up through life just that we were all together again hanging on each others shoulders again. 
  Sitting around the table outside getting splashed by the kids jumping in and out of the pool and my buddies son shitting and pissing in it, we all decided to stand.  Together we toasted to old time and friendships that hopefully last until the end of days.  Ill never forget what he said : " May we be in heaven 30 minutes before the devil finds out we're dead".  That explains our lives together perfectly as morbid and faithless as it sounds, but it was at that point and time I knew that I was home again and exactly where I need to be.  Maybe we cant party or hang like we could 5 years ago but we can still be there for each other.

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